New Gang In Town – Meet Adam, Garrett and Joel

Some of you may have noticed that I was pretty much absent on the PSN during the last three or four weeks. The reason for that was me preparing everything to make my three new flatmates feel welcome.

That’s right, ten years after my last pet, an adorably cute kitty, passed away, I decided to get new pets. They are seven to nine weeks old according to the city shelter where I got them and, before I forget to mention, they are three pet rat boys, who joined me last Sunday. Which means they have been with me for under a week now and are far from tame. But we are getting there.


Meet Joel, Garrett and Adam. Adam is like: These pumpkin seeds are mine! Mine, haha!

Adam the Cyborg
Adam is the biggest of the three, a Siamese with dark red eyes, hence the name. He loves pumpkin and sunflower seeds, yoghurt, carrots and salad (apples are not his thing) and he tends to bulldoze both his brothers as well as toys out of his way when he feels like being bossy.

Garrett the Shadow
Garrett is a black-eyed Blue Silvered Dumbo with the sweetest face, a white Berkshire belly and white cuffs at his front paws. He used to be the smallest of the three but has grown a lot these past few days. He loves all of the above and he manages a standing jump of 20 inches (he almost makes it up unto the window sill), taking only two leaps, one up, one to the side, to get from the bottom of the cage to his favorite platform.

Joel the Explorer
Joel is a Black Hooded (mismarked) Dumbo boy with black eyes and he loooooves yoghurt. And apples. When I got them I thought Joel was the shy one, but he has proven to be just the opposite. He was the first to explore the cage fully after they had moved in, and a mere three hours afterwards he was already accepting sunflower seeds through the bars of the cage. As you can see in the picture above, he also likes using my knee as a lookout.

Now, I will be posting updates on their progress on my Instagram feed @vanessadjuva, if you are interested in following them there. Also, I am a first-time pet rat owner, so if you want to share any tips, I’d be grateful.

See the boys there! (PS: Can you tell which video game characters they were named for?)



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