Djuva, short for Vanessa Djuva, is a pseudonym I have been using online since the year 2000, when I started publishing Star Wars fan fiction on theforce.net. I decided to recycle it when I bought my first console, a PS4, which I own since December 2014.

The first game on my PS4 was The Last of Us, which I consider one of the best games I have ever played. I like RPGs and prefer playing stealthy, which does not mean I own only stealth games. But I bought a PS3 just to be able to play Deus Ex-Human Revolution. And when it’s not stealth, the story of the game has to be really, really good.

whatchaa.com is a place where I share my thoughts on all the things that fascinate me about the gaming world, be it characters, language, marketing, design, music or fashion.

You are welcome to find me on PlayStation-Network, where I frequently play as Kell77370. Say hello, if you join my party. I’d appreciate it.