WATCH_DOGS 2 – Worth the bucks?

First of all, I miss Aiden Pearce. Which is why, after having finished WATCH_DOGS 2, I promptly returned to Chicago, police chases and gangster shoot-outs. Don't get me wrong, WATCH_DOGS 2 is a highly entertaining open world game. It also does a lot of things better than its predecessor. But it still is one of … Continue reading WATCH_DOGS 2 – Worth the bucks?

Ultimate car playlist

Usually, when I'm taking my car for a ride, which does not happen all that often, there's a best-of-compilation of The Glitch Mob playing. For longer trips of, say, four to seven hours, I connect my mp3-player, which features the best playlist ever for long hours spent alone in my cute little convertible. The ultimate … Continue reading Ultimate car playlist