Code Elektro – Triads

First, I should mention that I am a sucker for storytelling. Give me a good story and I will continue reading, listening, watching or playing all day and all night. Not healthy, I am aware of that. Doesn't matter to me, after all, you only live once. Apart from books and games I love movies … Continue reading Code Elektro – Triads

Ultimate car playlist

Usually, when I'm taking my car for a ride, which does not happen all that often, there's a best-of-compilation of The Glitch Mob playing. For longer trips of, say, four to seven hours, I connect my mp3-player, which features the best playlist ever for long hours spent alone in my cute little convertible. The ultimate … Continue reading Ultimate car playlist

Code Elektro – Of Dark Night and Cyber Dreams

I want you to imagine a city. It is a city set between the endless blue ocean and pastel skies. It is walkways and platforms and highrises, a labyrinth fashioned from bright, smooth steel and glass. Super-fast speed bikes travel the narrow lanes that connect the districts on the various levels that make up this … Continue reading Code Elektro – Of Dark Night and Cyber Dreams

Games and Music – Six favorite music moments and a (dis)honorable mention

Games are all about a gripping story, characters you can relate to, stunning visuals and surprising ideas and concepts. But what really, really makes them great is their musical score. This is something that, at least to me, begins with the trailer music. One of the best trailers ever is that of Assassin's Creed Revelations, … Continue reading Games and Music – Six favorite music moments and a (dis)honorable mention