Code Elektro – Triads

First, I should mention that I am a sucker for storytelling. Give me a good story and I will continue reading, listening, watching or playing all day and all night. Not healthy, I am aware of that. Doesn’t matter to me, after all, you only live once.

Apart from books and games I love movies and music and I absolutely adore movie soundtracks. And I love Cyberpunk. Very much. Which is why I love Code Elektro.

Both Superstrings and Wolf by Code Elektro are atmospheric masterpieces and Triads, the aptly named third album, is no exception.

See, I like pretty much every kind of music, though there are a few exceptions. And while I certainly appreciate sing-along tunes, I am more at home listening to exclusively instrumental works. You could say that they challenge my imagination. I simply love to immerse myself in the music and explore the worlds I find within.

Now, with Triads, Code Elektro leaves the cool futuristic city described in the different titles of Superstrings that he complemented with Wolf, a vivid depiction of its dark underground, and takes us into a world best described by a movie. You’ve guessed it. It’s Blade Runner. A Mix of cool blue neon lights, heat and flesh, human desires and vices, crime and punishment, intertwined with pure Synth beauty.

The album title, Triads, refers both to the fact that this is the third album, but also to the triads as in Chinese mafia. You can hear sirens howl on the album’s second track, the exciting Shinobi, as well as musical elements typically associated with Chinese music in Chinese Dreams – and, wow, I simply adore the beginning of that track. This will definitely become one of my favorites on this album. Not to mention the sound of hard rain falling on the asphalt (accompanied by the sound of running feet, maybe?) on The Monk. That one certainly sounds like a fighter. Explosive, but at the same time tightly controlled and utterly elegant.

Another instant favorite is The Wilderness. How to describe it? That bouncy rythm, utterly danceable! (is that even a word?) That joyful, triumphant theme! Hard, really hard to put into words. So, have a listen and decide for yourselves.

And then there’s Mission Control, which is classic Code Elektro, I think. Breezy, bouncy bliss… Did I mention the title track, Triads? Just promise you’ll listen, okay? It’s awesome.


Code Elektro, Triads, is out now and it is – simply put – beautiful.

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