Horizon Zero Dawn is out – And I don’t really care

I remember browsing through last year’s E3-coverage and that there were a few games that caught my eye: Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of them, Vampyr another, but the one game I am really excited about right now is the upcoming sequel to the excellent Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, which is called Middle-earth: Shadow of War, gameplay reveal out on March 8th, although I hope they’ve kept the ultra-cool nemesis system!!

What to expect?
Well, if you’ve played this excellent game to the end you’ll recall that Talion awakens to behold the land of Mordor, featuring the very intimidating tower which is home to the Eye, also known as Sauron.

Apparently, this is where Celebrimbor, the elven lord whose wraith haunted Talion throughout the first game, has been taken. And Talion, the good friend and companion that he is, vows to free him.

So looking forward to this!

And I still have great hopes for Hellblade.

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