Life is Strange or Erase and Rewind

With 2018 just having begun, I was mad enough to start playing three games at the same time, and one of them was Life is Strange, which I finished just yesterday. Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game developed by DontNod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. DontNod will be releasing Vampyr this year, a game I am very much looking forward to. Judging from Life is Strange, the very first game of that French studio I have ever played, I am very confident it will hold up to my expectations.

Life Is Strange™_20180120184500

Life is Strange features five awesome episodes.

In Life is Strange, each episode will leave you with a lot to think about. The reason for that is the choice-based gameplay. Did I do or say the right thing? What consequences could one action or other have in the past, present or future? Those are the questions you will be asking yourself constantly, and finding the right answers will keep you on your toes.

An episodic adventure
Life is Strange features the following five episodes: Chrysalis, Out of Time, Chaos Theory, Dark Room and Polarized. If I were to describe the central conflict of the game, it would be the question of how far you are willing to go to save a friend. Your very best friend, that is. There are also other themes, like bullying, teenage angst, taking responsibility, being considerate instead of thoughtless, the abuse of power, the value of observation and, in general, growing up.

Life Is Strange™_20180120125543

Welcome to Blackwell, welcome to a world of bullying, intrigues and murder mystery.

Each episode follows heroine Max – never Maxine – Caulfield, a photography senior at reknowned Blackwell Academy in picturesque yet fictional Arcadia Bay, Oregon, and her best friend, Chloe Pryce. Max, a self-described nerd, though I confess that I don’t quite get what is supposed to be nerdy about her, is a quiet person, observant and considerate, who feels the need to comment each and every event, which I found annoying. Apart from that, she’s a great character. Be careful to make consistent choices, though, or that will come back and haunt you. Consistent meaning, for example, that you are either always telling the hard truth, or never, in order to not hurt other people’s feelings and push them over the edge.

Life Is Strange™_20180120124457

Kate is one of the characters central to the story and she is a very sweet girl, so be kind to her.

Her friend Chloe Pryce is a punk and troubleseeker, who dropped out of the academy years ago. As we soon learn, she was not always like this. In fact, it was the death of her father, William, who perished in a car accident when she was fourteen, that brought that change about.

Life Is Strange™_20180117193825

Notice the warm, angelic light whenever Chloe’s late father William is around. It is clear that both Chloe and Max adored him.

This incident is, actually, one of the pivotal elements of the overall story. The other is the disappearance of a fellow Blackwell student, Rachel Amber, who was Chloe’s very close friend.

Life Is Strange™_20180120122351

Chloe (left) and Max investigate the disappearance of Rachel Amber and in doing so go toe-to-toe with the influential and dangerous Prescott-family.

As the game progresses, the relationship between the two girls, who seemed inseperable in the past, grows strong once more. It is clear that Max wants her old friend back and she will try everything she can to make Chloe happy. So, when she finds out that she can rewind time, she sets out to make a very major change in the past, that will unfortunately cause a literal time tornado.

Life Is Strange™_20180120183341

Max’s continued efforts of saving Chloe’s life – by all appearances against destiny’s will – result in fatal consequences for all of Arcadia Bay as a deadly, devastating tornado looms.

Using the characters to influence the story
I appreciate multidimensional characters very much, as much as character development. While, usually, character development is pre-determined by the events driving the story itself, character development in Life is Strange depends on the choices Max makes. There are both little choices and fundamental ones, but to get an inkling of what consequences they might entail for each of the characters apart from Max, you have to get to know them, observe them and talk to them.

Do you choose to trust David, Chloe’s stepfather, or don’t you? What advice do you give to fellow student Daniel, who is struggling with his artistic approach? Do you stand up for Abby, or not? Depending on those and similar choices, the characters as well as the story will develop in a different way. Take William, Chloe’s father, who is a very sweet man in one past/present/future and aggressively bitter, underneath the surface, at least, in another.

Some choices affect the current episode directly, others will affect future ones. Which is why you should be mindful of the choices you have made in previous episodes and act consistently in the next ones. For example, there was one choice I made in the last episode that was at odds with one I had made, I think, in the third episode. And during the ending that was highlighted in a quite disturbing way.

Making choices is hard, but awesome. Some come back to bite you, others will result in really good things happening. But then, life is all about choices and consequences, as each one of us learns by growing up, and, sometimes, life is indeed strange.

The gameplay
Life is Strange is, for the most part, not a fast-paced adventure. Instead, it takes its time. For example, you can spend minutes chilling in comfortable, companionable silence alongside Chloe and listen to the awesome soundtrack, before you continue your adventure.

The game is actually designed to play it slow, with numerous observations and opportunities to explore, locations to discover and re-discover. Since Max is a photographer, she’s got an eye for detail. Follow that intuition and investigate every highlighted clue.

Life Is Strange™_20180117194011

You can look up past choices before starting a new episode, which really helps. Here are my choices for the first episode, Chrysalis.

Interacting with people means observing them as well as speaking to them. Observation will give you clues abouth their current mood and that will help during conversation. As mentioned before, Max is able to rewind time. Rewinding means you can get back and say something different or do something different within a limited period of time. Beware, though, the central choices in the game cannot be reversed. You have to carefully think about the possible consequences first.
During conversations, characters often mention story-related clues. By rewinding and asking them about that clue directly, you will open up new opportunities.

Life Is Strange™_20180120174534

At one point, Max discovers that she can travel back much further in time through photographs, which, while fantastic, is both helpful and disturbing during the last episode.

Rewinding time affects the world around Max, but not herself. For example, there is one situation where Max investigates a junkyard and she steps into a small, enclosed area to pick something up, when a pile of junk starts sliding and blocks the way out. By rewinding, time jumps back to when the pile of junk was still intact, while Max herself remains standing inside the enclosure, the item she needed to get already in her bag. Knowing how her powers work is essential. There are a lot of situations where you have to place items or Max herself just the right way to succeed.

What I didn’t like
Remember, there are two central elements driving the story onward: saving Chloe and finding Rachel Amber. In the very beginning Max saves Chloe’s life thanks to her rewind powers. She will continue trying to save her throughout the game, saving her becomes an obsession, really, no matter the consequences to all the other people in Arcadia Bay. Yet I found myself questioning that obsession a couple of times. Why, I asked myself, is she so obsessed with Chloe? Yes, they were best friends, but it is obvious they have not been in touch.

Life Is Strange™_20180120165203

At times the game struggles with juggling all of its central themes. For example, the Zeitgeist Gallery’s “Everyday Heroes”-contest which kicks off the game and does not play a significant part during most of the rest of the episodes, surprisingly turns into a pivotal moment in the last one.

Also, it is quite disturbing that Max hangs out with Chloe’s family so much but interacts with her own parents only via text messages. Parents are instrumental to their children’s character and social development, as this game proves. But Max is not affected by her parents, ever, nor does she ask their advice. Instead, she is influenced by Chloe’s interaction with her father William, very much so, and it is obvious she adored William. Strange.

Life Is Strange™_20180120144443

The Vortex Club’s End of the World-party is teased throughout the episodes, but, once at the party, I had the inexplicable feeling that I was wasting time and should be calling the police instead. Especially after a certain character quite unexpectantly came up in one conversation and I suddenly realized who the real villain was.

Also, Max is smart and a dedicated friend, while Chloe is reckless and often thoughtless. In most cases, Max is the voice of reason, who cautions hot-head Chloe. But in the penultimate episode Max lets Chloe charge ahead instead of simply calling the police, which would have been the sensible thing to do, not on one but on two occasions. The fact that there is no choice offered in both situations felt jarring and forced. And it also was a dead giveaway of how the episode would end, which I found disappointing. The last episode and the ending were excellent, mind you. Weird, but great.

Life Is Strange™_20180120181805

The ending offers some really weird cutscenes and some strange, impossible texts, like the one from Pompidou, who is, in fact, a dog.

What I also didn’t like was the fact that Max comments absolutely everything she observes, from graffitis to statues to pictures. Some comments are helpful, since they drop hints concerning clues and choices. But for the most part they emphasize that she is a teenager still desperately trying to find her place in the world. I easily could have done without those. Actually, I am guessing you can turn those off in the options, haven’t checked, though.

Life Is Strange™_20180120142916

Max and Chloe do find Rachel Amber in the end, by the way.

The Verdict
Life is Strange is an excellent, emotional and clever game with great storytelling and characterization. I really like the episodic approach, especially since each episode is so loaded with mystery, adventure, interactions, meaningful choices and emotion. If you are generally into series á la Dishonored, Deus Ex and The Witcher, where the choices you make affect the story, you absolutely have to play it.

Keep on playing!


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