HITMAN 2, Mission Five, Another Life

This mission leads 47 into Janus’ lair. The founder of and mastermind behind the Ark Society, the shadowy cabal the agent is tracking, is hiding in idyllic suburbia, where barbecues, muffin sales and explosive gardening seem to be favorite past-times.

The town is filled with opportunities, disguises and inventive weapons, but I had a hard time finding a combination of assassinations of the two targets that did not result in a shootout with the various agents hanging around.

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Agent 47 has to uncover additional information on the Ark Society, some of it buried in a frog habitat. It took me 30 minutes to find the site, because it would not highlight.

This is my cleanest run, using the disguises of the real estate agent and the nurse.

The mission objectives
There are three objectives in total:

  • Agent 47 has to uncover vital information about the Ark Society and when and where its elite members will meet again,
  • and he has to take out both Janus
  • plus his second, Nolan Cassidy.

The information is spread across the idyllic town and will have 47 invade beautiful homes to eavesdrop and find stuff. This treasure hunt also serves to familiarise youself with the layout of the town, which can be helpful if things turn hectic.

HITMAN™ 2_20190428174809

As mentioned, this was my best run on Mission Five, Another Life

How to kill Nolan Cassidy as the real estate agent
Eavesdropping on the real estate agent hanging out at the muffin stand, you will find out that Nolan Cassidy is interested in buying a house. This would be a splendid opportunity to off Cassidy out of sight of prying eyes. If you choose this path, you can poison Cassidy, drown him and even cut into pieces by way of a laser grid. I chose the latter.

But first, to get into character. You can dress up as the muffin salesman and lace the muffin handed to the real estate agent with emetic rat poison. He will throw up in some bushes and since you can now blend into the undergrowth, you can choke him into unconsciousness there and take his disguise.

The second possibility is to find the house that is for sale. It is located up the street, actually, and you will find a note pinned to the door telling you that the key is hidden in the plant pot on the veranda. Easy. In the main dining room you will find the real estate agent-disguise. Get dressed and find Nolan Cassidy. If you have emetic rat poison to spare, you can lace the muffin displayed on the dinner table. This way, you will be able to incapacitate Cassidy’s bodyguard while you do the deed.

Cassidy is interested in a home with an interesting history and you will find that in the basement, where there is a vault secured by a laser grid. Let Cassidy walk inside and activate the grid. You get the picture. Leave, before the bodyguard returns from the bathroom and head towards Janus’ home.

HITMAN™ 2_20190428174343

Ah, there are many, many possibilities of killing Janus, one of which involves manipulating the gas container and combining it with a lit cigarette…

How to kill Janus as the nurse
Eavesdropping on the guards you will learn that the nurse likes to go fishing and may be hanging out by the water. Find him, lure him behind a small service hut and choke him into unconsciousness, then hide his body. Dress up and get rid of any weapon and offensive objects you are currently carrying, since you will be frisked. Walk up to Janus’ house and go upstairs to wait for him. Now, the next part is a little tricky, since you are supposed to know where you need to go with Janus and if you stray from your path, you will be shot. The bathroom is behind the door on the right, next to the window. Now it is only a matter of snapping the old man’s neck – which wil get you the An Apple A Day-Achievement – and getting out.

HITMAN™ 2_20190428174727

Next up is the last mission, The Ark Society, which is the best of all of them, really, with awesome opportunities, lots of restricted areas and possible disguises, but, as with this one, I have still to find a sequence of assassinations that does not result in mayhem.

Until then, keep on playing!



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