SNIPER ELITE 5 – Reveal Trailer

I am a huge fan of the SNIPER ELITE-series,so the release trailer was the perfect holiday gift for me. This third-person tactical shooter by Rebellion is always fun to play, be it the Campaign, Co-op or Survival.
We follow Karl Fairburne, an expert sniper and commando, during World War II as he travels throughout Europe to sabotage Nazi projects. So far, he has been to Germany, or, rather, Berlin (SNIPER ELITE V2), Africa (SNIPER ELITE III) and Italy (SNIPER ELITE 4). SNIPER ELITE 5, then, will bring us to France, where Karl will apparently be working alongside the French Resistance.

SNIPER ELITE 5 delivers the usual mix of stealth and sniping

Judging from the reveal trailer, there isn’t anything new to the usual storyline of the SNIPER ELITE-franchise and that is actually great. So, this time Karl Fairburne has to find out about Operation Kraken and put a stop to it. As the trailer emphasizes, striking from afar (aka sniping targets) and stealth for up close kills will be required to achieve that goal. Which is what I love about the series. You can find clever ways to accomplish your goals and – with Karl usually being outgunned and outnumbered in any given setting – the right choice will make the difference between surgical precision and pure carnage and chaos Also, the locations look both gorgeous and challenging.

What’s new in SNIPER ELITE 5

The reveal trailer showcases a traversal system that allows Karl to zipline from place to place. Which I found kinda funny, since Í just recently reviewed Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and mentioned how it takes all the good things from SNIPER ELITE 4 and now SNIPER ELITE 5 borrows that traversal from Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Of course, ziplining is nothing new per se, I just thought it curious.

But, there is more, which is not revealed in the trailer. One of those features sounds awesome: You will be able to infiltrate another player’s game and give them grief as an Axis sniper. Having recently replayed Watch_Dogs, which allows you to hack another player’s game, I can imagine how much fun that could be.
As you might have guessed, this is definitely on my to-buy-list for 2022. I might throw in a bit of SNIPER ELITE VR to pass the time.

Until then, keep on playing!