Moss: Book II – Defeating The Warden (PSVR)

The Warden of the Forgery is an enourmous, well-armored foe. While he does not take Quill serious in the beginning, he will soon learn that she is a formidable foe herself. Equip the Hammer and be on your toes, since this battle requires the Reader to react quickly and decisively.

Stage One
Quill does not have a lot of room to maneuver on her little stage, but as the Warden tries to smash her with his armored fists, you will see an orange circle appear where his fist will land. Stand there, quickly charge the Hammer and move Quill aside before you grip the Hammer as the Reader. Once the Warden’s fist comes down, smash it with the Hammer. Repeat until he retreats.

Stage Two
While the Warden works his forge, Forged enemies will appear and you and Quill have to fight them off. Keep charging up the Hammer so you can help smash enemies and you will be fine.

Now, the Warden returns with a giant, glowing-hot hammer. Again, you will see the tiles light up orange where he is going to strike. Use your own charged up Hammer again to smash into his until he retreats once more, visibly frustrated.

Stage Three
This time, Quill has to contend with an army of Forged enemies that swarm her, so keep on your toes! Also, be mindful of the Warden as he will return in the midst of that battle. His hammer improved, it will now send ripples of heat along the length of the stage. Jump over them to avoid damage. Don’t try to smash into the Warden’s hammer, though.

At one point, he will smash into the middle tile and the Reader will be able to grab the top of the hammer and pull it out. Do that and use Quill’s hammer, uncharged, to smash into the round objects half-released from the hammer’s sides as the Reader is pulling.

Once one of the objects is damaged, the Warden will retreat and reset his weapon. More Forged appear and you will have to fight them as well as avoid the Warden’s strikes. Good to know: the ripples damage the Forged, too. Key here is to keep on healing Quill as you will be hard-pressed to avoid damage. She can jump over the ripples while you heal her, so do that!

Now you need to damage the other rund object and return for another round, and another, until both objects are completely destroyed. Once that is done, the Warden collapses, exhausted. Quill will then knock him out in a very satisfying finish to this epic boss fight.