HITMAN 3: Shadows in the Water (Ambrose Island)

The Ambrose Island-expansion of HITMAN 3 sees 47 team up with Grey again, which is a nice touch, I think. After all, Grey had far too little exposure in HITMAN 3. In this post I will be detailling ways of how to fulfill your three objectives. Which means that there will be SPOILERS. Also, this is a rather long post… Enjoy!

The Mission

Speaking of, there are two targets to eliminate and an additional objective to complete. The targets are Noel Crest, a former associate of Grey, and pirate leader Sinhi “Akka” Ventham. There are plenty of opportunities to kill them, and at least one where you can off both at the same time. The third objective is to either destroy or disable a satellite control unit.

A fun bunch…

You will find Noel Crest wandering the island, shadowed by two guards. There are two very obvious opportunities to kill him and those are the two I will go into. I will most certainly update this post as I discover more.

Akka is pretty much confined to the pirate compound, but she can be lured out to meet with Crest, or you can meet her disguised as a prospective new employee. There are also two very neat ways to get rid of her inside the guarded compound.

The satellite control unit is heavily guarded and you can either risk it and destroy it yourself (you will need a folding knife and a screw driver), or choose another way, which is by obtaining both key cards. One you will find on Akka’s person, the other on one of Crest’s most trusted henchmen. I will also get into how to achieve the latter.

THis one is next on my list.

The Location

Ambrose Island is an exotic spot filled with opportunities aplenty. You will find yourself walking along paths and up and down stairs found all over the forest, crossing bridges and climbing ancient ruins.

But you can also walk through the shallows and discover hidden treasures all around the island. Such as the buccaneer-outfit, a bone lockpick next to a pinkish umbrella and, most endearing of all, the resting place of one of gaming history’s most iconic pirate captains, Guybrush Threepwood.

The headstone is found in a small cove opposite of the boat shed.

How To Kill Noel Crest

Here are my two safest ways of eliminating Noel Crest unseen:

1. Tasteless, Traceless
As you plan, pack the lethal poison vial. Then, from the starting point, walk straight onward through the forest until you reach the edges of the village. Once you spot Farah’s bar, you are on the right track. As you walk along the beach, you will find a metal worker busily repairing a motor. Turn around and you will spot a chef looking for supplies in the pantry. Wait until he is out of your sight and climb though the window. Sneak up to him as he is inspecting something next to the door, subdue him and hide his body in a crate. Then take his disguise and walk out.

Walk into Farah’s and find a picture of Akka and Farah hanging next to the door. Pick it up and reveal the main key that unlocks every hut in the village. Don’t get caught doing this. If you are spotted, simply walk away and out of sight.

No matter which poison you use – emetic or lethal – this is the end for Noel Crest.

Now, make your way towards the other side of the island, following Crest to the small restaurant. There, you could either dismiss the chef serving beer and poison it to give to Crest, or, which is a little more subtle, poison his food. Crest will accept only dishes prepared by a certain cook. She is asleep in a hut on the water’s edge. Before you go wake her up, step into the kitchen across from the bar, prepare the dish and poison it. Make sure you are not noticed by the other chef watching TV.

Next, go and find Crest’s favorite cook. Set her alarm clock and escape across the balcony before she can spot you.

All that’s left to do now is wait. Best not to stick around too close.

You could also use emetic poison, follow Crest as he moves to the edge of a pier to puke and toss him in the water.

2. Accident Kill
As you follow Crest, you will find out that he is waiting for a boat to be repaired. You will need a screwdriver and a wrench to assist in this endeavour. The wrench can be found with the metal worker I mentioned in the beginning and screw drivers will be available all over the village. Also, you need a disguise.

Walking around the boat shed you can step onto the pier and turn off the machine running there. Equip a coin and wait for one of the mechanics to come out, then throw the coin towards the outer corner of the shed, wait for the mechanic to come pick it up, subue him and drag him further down the pier towards the water, where you will find a crate to hide his body in.

Take the mechanic’s disguise and walk into the boat shed. Repair the boat’s motor using the wrench, then sabotage the fuel barrel without being caught by the other people occupying the shed. Once you are done, retreat to the beach and watch from a safe distance.

Crest will be informed that the boat has been repaired. He will start the motor and electrocute himself in the process. Mission accoomplished.

I guess, instead of crafting a remote controlled explosive I could just as easily have packed one…

How To Kill Sinhi “Akka” Ventham

Here are two fun ways to eliminate the pirate leader:

1. Electrocution
You will need a pirate disguise to accomplish this mission, as well as a lockpick and possibly a srew driver. The easiest opportunity to obtain a disguise presents itself as you walk through the village towards the beach. Once you reach the beach, look left and up. There is a man sitting on the edge of his porch. Gain access to the hut without him noticing, turn on the vacuum and hide in a closet until he walks in. Sneak up behind him and take him out. Turn off the vacuum and take his disguise, then hide his body in the closet.

Walk out onto the porch, drop down onto the sand and turn left. There is an obstruction you need to vault. Next, turn left again and walk up the hill towards the pirate compound. Turn right and find your way inside. In front of you, you will see a radar tower. That will become relevant when setting up a double kill. For now, walk into the small shed right of the tower. There, you will find a familiar face. Free Agent Smith and the other prisoner, then follow his advice and sabotage the water valve and the car battery.

Someone’s happy to see 47…

Walk outside and wait until the pirates discover that Smith has escaped. Akka will step into the cage and electrocute herself. Stay well away until the dust has settled, then pick up her key card and key.

2. Explosion
Pick up the disguise the way mentioned above, then walk towards the pirate compound, but keep to the left. Be mindful of a suspicious pirate on the balcony above and find the explosives station in a shed across from the compound. Pick up gunpowder and a fusion cell to craft a remote controlled explosive. You could also pack one, I guess.

Next, walk into the compound and take the stairs that lead up to the balcony. Climb through the open window. You have just found Akka’s office. Now, another way to kill her would be climbing out one of the two windows in the outer walls, wait for her to come in and pick an opportune moment to sneak up and strangle her to unlock “Piano Man”. You could also shoot her in the head with your silenced pistol, which unlocks another achievement.

But, this time we opt for explosives. There is another door to the left, which leads onto a small balcony. Place the explosive right outside the door. Then leave and wait for Akka to arrive. She will step onto the balcony and have a smoke. Use that time frame to trigger the explosion. Again, wait until the dust has settled then pick up her card and key.

Killing Both Crest And Akka At Once

To achieve a double kill, pack a remotely triggered explosive, coins and a lockpick, find a pirate disguise and head for Farah’s bar. Climb up the stairs to the uppermost level. There is a room that is being guarded by four guards in total. You cannot walk in there without trespassing. Walk around the structure and use a coin to distract the guard lounging on the corner to quickly break into the room. Should he spot you, hide in the cupboard to the right of the door. Once all is clear, place the explosive roughly in front of the couch then leave.

Next, get into the pirate compound. Climb up the radar tower. Take out the guard atop then activate the lights. This signals to Crest that Akka is ready to renegotiate. Climb back down and approach Farah’s bar. Best keep your distance. Wait for Crest to join Akka, then trigger the explosive.

And you are done!

Now, on to the third mission objective.

Hidden in plain sight…

Destroying Or Disabling The Satellite Control Unit

There are two ways of taking care of the satellite control unit: either destroy it or procure both key cards.

1. Procuring Both Key Cards
Above, I have shown you two ways to kill Akka and get her key card. But, where to find the second one? That one is found on one of Crest’s top henchmen. To get to him, you will need a soldier’s disguise and either coins or emetic poison.

There are a number of ways to get a soldier uniform. The easiest I found so far is this: Find the village, find the bridge and walk underneath it towards the ocean. Look left and follow the stairs leading up into the forest. You will come across another possible infiltration opportunity in the guise of a researcher who has been invited for a job interview by Akka. That’s something I have yet to do myself.

Turn left and you will see a hanging bridge guarded by soldiers. One of them is coming towards you. Wait for an opportune moment to subdue him and take his disguise. There is a good chance he will be found quickly, but that does not impact the mission. Once disguised as a soldier, cross the bridge, avoid being detected and walk towards the ruins. Make your way through and look for a camp with an adjacent kitchen. Best hide in the bushes as you observe.

Here’s the man of the hour.

There is one man who will be walking down the stairs, briefly talk to the soldiers in the camp, then walk to the kitchen area and taste some food. He is easily recognizable by his man-bun. That’s your guy. Now, you could either put emetic poison in the food (don’t get caught!), then follow him to a toilet to subdue him (don’t get caught!), or hide in the bushes next to where he is tasting the food, then lure him in there by throwing a coin and subdue him while remeaining hidden. That’s the second key card retrieved and therefore the control unit can no longer be used.

2. Destroy The Satellite Control Unit
To destroy the unit, best disguise yourself as a soldier, pack a lockpick, find a folding knife and a screw driver then make your way towards the clearly marked unit. It is found underground and is heavily guarded.

Sneak up to the unit and use the screw driver to open a grate, then cut the wires with the knife. Move around the unit and follow the instructions to destroy it for good, then leave and don’t get caught.

Ambrose Island is a fun playground and I will for sure spend more time there to master each and every challenge!

Until then, keep on playing!