Hitman: Eliminating Gary Busey or The Power of Improvisation

So, Gary Busey was the latest target I played on Hitman and this is my story….

Finding Busey

Gary Busey is in Sapienza and, since I took the picture from the Debriefing quite literally and wanted to make certain I got this target this time, I started the mission disguised as a gardener in Villa Caruso.

So here I was, wandering around the premises, changing into the guise of a bodyguard on the way, and spotted this dude with two suits tagging along just as he entered the driveway and prepared to march out into town.

Although he didn’t quite match the picture, I decided to follow him around. Maybe I didn’t pay that much attention during the Debriefing, but does anyone know who this guy actually is?

Well, the good thing was that he finally led me to my real target, for Mistery Man and Gary, also with two suits in tow, met up in the plaza in front of the church.

I suddenly wished I had stashed away the sniper rifle in the café’s cellar, the way I had originally planned to but then didn’t.

Doing the circuit
Following my target around I realised he was walking a very tight circuit around the plaza and that there were very specific places where he’d stand still for some time. He’d stand in front of the morgue, stand in front of the house right behind the clown, talking to some lady on the balcony, then move to admire the view from the corner where the beach meets the pier, and finally visit the graveyard to  pray for some poor soul at their, well grave, obviously.

Plenty of opportunities, all in the open, perfect for using the sniper rifle. Well. Too bad…

Preparing for the kill
I decided to disguise myself as a member of the church staff, steal the key to the canalisation, then position myself in the tunnel that leads from the beach into the canalisation, then wait for Busey to pass and shoot him out of the shadows, like, and disappear through the cellar where that mechanic is fumbling with some engine or whatever.

Points one and two of my plan went smoothly. Then I unlocked the door to the canalisation (you never know when you’ll need an alternate route of escape, right?), turned around and found this tourist walking into the tunnel. I mean, what the hell was he doing there? It’s not as if sunny Sapienza doesn’t have prettier places to do some sightseeing! So I subdued him. Sue me.

Unfortunately, when I was finished with that Gary Busey was nowhere in sight anywhere along the shoreline, so I decided to walk out and take a look around. While I did that, said mechanic found my tourist and revived him. Which, you all know it, meant he could identify me and point me out to the various bodyguards hanging around town. So I abandoned my original plan and went to find another disguise.

Don’t laugh, I disguised myself as a gardener. Again. Things got hectic then…

So I walked into church and out to the graveyard, managed to sneak past that guy who’s always on the phone in front of the tunnel entrance there, was spotted in the canalisation, ran back the way I had come, saw someone who looked like Busey (from behind and from a distance, at least) standing in front of the tunnel mouth, shot him, realised it wasn’t Busey, broke into the crypt below the church and into church then met the priest, who, of course, also had to be subdued. At least I managed to hide his body so noone’d revive him and took his clothes.

At that point, I had no clue where Gary could be and knew there was a body to be found and raise the alarm close by. Panicking, I ran into the church and into the graveyard, drew some attention and had to hide. Which was when Gary entered the scene – of course!- for his obligatory visit to that poor soul’s grave.

I walked past him and all the church staff who were sure to identify me as the intruder I was, hid in the morgue and, on a whim, disguised myself as a scientist. By then the body had been found and all hell broke loose in the graveyard…

I hurried out  of the morgue, deciding to wait for another chance to strike, but luckily turned to see what Gary and his suits were up to. While they were busy casing the scenery, he started walking out of the graveyard and right past me! I cut his throat with my knife, which nobody noticed, and then took the speedboat to make my escape. Go, me!

So, how did you go about elemininating Gary Busey? Don’t tell me you actually used the sniper rifle.

You did, didn’t you?

Well. I’m off to the next target. Be seeing you!

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