Feist – The cutest game ever

While waiting for Hellblade-Senua’s Sacrifice to download, I decided to play Feist, developed by Bits & Beasts and published by Finji, which is an adventure platformer of exceptional beauty and simplicity.


The beasts have taken our hero’s mate prisoner and it is up to the tiny creature to save it, against all odds and numerous dangers.

A brutal quest for survival in the name of love
Our tiny, furry hero of little words or, rather, squeaks, is out tracking the predatory beasts that took its mate prisoner. Following their trail through an enchanting forest, along the lakeside and through mines and ruins, it encounters numerous enemies it has to either escape or defeat, as well as traps that can kill it, but also its foes, if it is clever enough or they simply acting stupid in their blind desire to end its life. So, our hero will need to learn every trick and tool to defeat them and to continue its journey.

I have made it to level four – of nine levels – up until now and will certainly continue exploring this beautiful intense adventure.

Here are some tips and tricks for mastering the first few levels.


Our hero may be tiny, but that means it can hide, for example under mushrooms.



In the forest, our hero will usually scuttle across the ground, but at times it can use the firs to get above ground and avoid spiky slugs. At the end of level four, it will have to use burrs to get to higher ground and that was one taks that really tested my patience. 


Foes are aplenty and here are two types you’ll encounter in almost any level. The flying creatures will try to stab you, while the spiky slug will lumbersomely try to get at you, but can easily be circumvented by jumping over it.


Flying creatures can be attacked with a stick, even in midair. Sticks will be scattered across the levels at random and it doesn’t hurt to remember the locations, since you can always run back and get more weapons.


Beware of traps: The stick and string above our hero is a trap that will cause a deadly hail of tiny spears to rain down on the fragile creature. The trick is to trigger the trap by throwing the fir cone that we picked up earlier at it and quickly seek cover under the overhang. Which is easier said than done. Fir cones can be found scattered throughout the forest.


In level three you will encounter a ferocious beast and throwing fir cones at it only makes it angrier. So, what you need to do is lure it back where you can take it out by triggering one of the traps mentioned above. But be sure to avoid the fir cones it throws at you. Also, the beast is quite fast.


These two foes await you at the beginning of level four, and while you could trigger the trap yourself to take them out – while hiding under the mushroom – , they’ll actually do that themselves, when stabbing down to get at you.


This nasty fly first encountered in level four actually shoots arrows at you. Contrary to the spiked flying creatures, hitting it with a stick won’t kill but simply stun it. Grab it once it’s stunned and use it to shoot arrows at your foes yourself.


I’m currently stuck in level five on the lakeside – and may I point out the incredibly beautiful artwork? I mean, look at the rain! – where the stick won’t help much, since at the end of the level a number of flies and a beast await you. The beasts, by the way, throw objects at our hero, effectively beating it to death.


I briefly managed to cling onto the beast’s back while it was busy catching and killing the flies. It killed me eventually then walked past, shaking its head at my foolish bravado…

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