HITMAN: Patient Zero Campaign Mission 3, The Vector

Next on Agent 47’s list of sleeper agents is one Dr. Bradley Paine. Dr. Paine (what a name!) is hiding out in Colorado at the militia camp from Season One and he has already infected four of the soldiers with the virus in order to spread it around.


I like that Agent 47 takes a souvenir from each mission, in this case the latest novel of the late Craig Black.

Agent 47 has to eliminate all five targets, but since the virus is highly contagious, he needs to do so from a distance, meaning he has to complete this mission using solely a sniper rifle. Which is right down my alley since I have had a ton of sniper practice recently thanks to playing SNIPER ELITE 4 excessively.

The challenge
There are a few challenges to complete, for example killing all targets and hiding the bodies (by shooting them in the exact moment the impact of the bullet will drop their bodies into a conveniently placed bush, haystack or well, and if your target is the chef closer to you, shoot the little bell by the field canteen to lure him towards the bushes) or killing all targets by way of environmental kills (aka explosions, electrocution and a falling hay bale), or killing each target with a headshot and so forth.

This might sound easy, but it actually isn’t.

For one, the targets change and not everyone of them can be easily hidden when shot from a distance.

Also, if the targets, including Paine, get suspicious, they will make a run for it and if even one of them leaves the installation, it’s game over. So you really need to time your shots just right. And be prepared to bring down a number of fleeing targets, should you fail.

Which is more easily said than done.


Identifying the right target is key, since without waiting for the last hint to be revealed you will run the risk of killing a non-target, since there is usually more than one possible suspects.

Last but not least, despite Diana revealing intel on each target (four hints in total) you need to observe them very carefully, or you risk killiing a non-target. There’s, in fact, one achievement you get if you manage to eliminate all four infected targets before Diana reveals the last hint and that was actually the first I got, of which I am really, really proud.


You’ll never find them, so best stop looking right away…

So far, I have managed just two more achievements, killing one fleeing target and hiding all the bodies. I have vowed to myself that I will manage the others too. Elite sniper’s vow.


I also challenged myself to kill everyone, waiting for Diana to finally flip, but she – being the professional that she is- just patiently kept on reminding me that I had killed a non-target and that I was to focus. Incredible woman.

So, before we continue with the last mission, what’s your take on this one?



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