HITMAN: Patient Zero Campaign Mission 4, Patient Zero

Alright, this is the last mission of the campaign and, daring to be bold and on the clock since I actually did this in the early morning before leaving for work, I finished it in a five minute speed-run. I have updated that speed-run since.

Agent 47’s last target is one Owen Cage, a cultist who apparently infected himself with the virus to become Patient Zero but was intercepted and quarantined before he could get to his destination. The second target is one Klaus Liebleid (which is a curious name, since, translated from German, “Liebleid” means “dear pain”) who is apparently trying to reverse-engineer the virus in the Gama Facility, Hokkaido. Yes indeed, we are returning to that execptionally beautiful location in Japan!

Alas, I did not see much of it. Speed-run, remember?

So, this is how it went down…


Agent 47 is back in Japan doing the Spiderman…

1. Cool runnings
This time Agent 47 is not checking in as a patient but sneaking onto the premises by hang gliding towards the walkway beneath the heli pad. From there, sneak upstairs and past the two guards engrossed in some conversation or other and prepare to bolt for the back of the facility when you are being spotted, as I was. There is one more guard close to the snow-mobile stationed by the garage. Knock him out, take his suit and get into the medical wing of the facility.


Don’t mind me… Actually, why don’t you follow me somewhere nice and secluded? Klaus Liebleid is the one wearing the black hazmat suit, by the way.

2. Irritating but effective
Quickly ascend the steps and just as quickly take down the guy in the hazmat suit on top of said stairs, take his suit and change, before you head straight into the operating theatre up front. There is actually a spare hazmat suit hanging in the decontamination area you have to pass though to get into the operating theatre itself. If you are quick you could maybe slip across the corridor and into that area to get the suit without having to take down that guy.

Inside the operating room you will find one target, Klaus Liebleid, who will immediately be suspicious of you and follow as you head into the room behind the desk he previously occupied. Unfortunately, if you are not quick enough Owen Cage will be infecting medical and security personnel unprotected by hazmat suits, if you alerted them to your presence previously, as he is heading towards his meeting with Liebleid. I will get to that later.

3. Kill Klaus Liebleid
Timing is everything, and if you did this right, Liebleid will be out of sight when you take him out and hide him in a nearby closet. Unnoticed kill achieved.


A malfunction! I swear!

4. Kill Owen Cage
As mentioned, timing is key for this speed-run. Owen Cage will be on his way to the operating theatre by the time you are finished with Liebleid. There is an isolated, small chamber with one guy in there, ready to press a button that will incinerate Cage once pressed. Do exactly that once Cage takes his place in the center of the operating theatre to achieve an accident kill. Then quickly leave the premises via the heli pad and mountain path.

Congrats, you have just completed the “Patient Zero” campaign! Albeit without containing the virus, which I did not realize until I replayed that mission.

5. Containing the virus
The virus is highly contagious so your goal should be eliminating Owen Cage in his secluded little area as fast as you can, before Liebleid calls for his men to bring him to the operating theatre.

If you barge right in and kill him, which is kinda awesome, you will become infected. In that case take down any one of the guys wearing a hazmat suit, put that on to prevent spreading the virus yourself. Now it is time to find a vaccine and from the moment of infection counting backwards you have roughly 5 minutes (probably 04:70 minutes) to do so.

The vaccine is found in the basement (in the same spot where in the first season’s Hokkaido mission you would have found the stem cells) and you need either a hazmat suit, a doctor’s or a bodyguard’s outfit to access it. You can find the doctor outfit when you start at the heli pad and silently move past the guards upwards and left towards the medical wing and take out the two doctors.


Speed-run AND virus contained. I am getting better at beating this mission, but it is still the hardest.

You can also choose to take the vaccine before engaging your targets and then kill every infected too, before making your escape to gain the No Rubber-achievemt. That name is actually a terribly lame – or should that be limp? – joke.


Wherever this is, I hope I get to play the conclusion to this campaign soon!

Room for a sequel
Remember that I mentioned in the second post that both Marrocco and Paris are missing in this campaign? Well, the very last scene we see is Agent 47 having barricaded himself in what may be an apartment in Marrakesh, on the phone with Diana and about to acquire his (unnamed) target…

So, apart from going back to replay all the missions of the “Patient Zero” campaign until I have unlocked every single achievement (and then some), I am looking forward to the conclusion of this hunt. As well as a full Season Two. Soon, I hope.

What’s your favorite mission or achievement of the campaign? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “HITMAN: Patient Zero Campaign Mission 4, Patient Zero

  1. Ed (@skipione) says:

    Great and thorough write-up, best one I’ve found online. My favorite was the 3rd mission because it was similar to the St. Petersburg mission from Hitman 2. Here’s hoping there’s a season 2.

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