HITMAN 2, Mission Four, Chasing a Ghost

This mission brings Agent 47 to Mumbai, where he is to kill one of the Shadow Client’s most trusted lieutenants along with his two best assets, Dawood Rangan and Vanya Shah. Mumbai is my absolute favorite among all the maps in HITMAN 2 and there are so many possibilities to accomplishing your mission!

Since your primary target’s identity is unknown, you will have to find a way to locate him, before you can move in for the kill. I will show you three ways to doing that first, then walk you through the mission using the most brillant approach, namely the Kashmirian.

HITMAN™ 2_20190407115744

One of your customers is the notorious Maelstrom…

1. How to identify The Maelstrom: Barbershop Duette
Walking though the district you can find recordings made by The Maelstrom. One will point you toward the barbershop. Pick up a wrench or any other blunt throwing object on the way, then walk to the back of the barbershop, get inside and turn right, up the stairs, where the barber is being harangued by his daughter. Knock them both out and hide their unconscious bodies, then disguise yourself as the barber and take the barbershop key.

Walk downstairs and open the shop. You can only serve one client at a time, so you need to walk out front and select your customer, before bringing him inside to get shaved. Each one of them will tell you some odd bit of information involving your three targets. One of them is The Maelstrom. I admit that I identified him already while he was standing among the crowd of customers but let him wait a little while longer. Once he sits on his chair he will betray himself by talking about a change to come. Slit his throat and Diana will confirm the kill. Close the shop, take your coins, change back into your tourist disguise and leave via the back door.

2. How to identify The Maelstrom: The House on the Hill
Find your way to the hill (best disguise as a member of the Crows first) and you will overhear an interesting conversation among a Crow and a woman. She is an acquaintance of The Maelstrom and there is a chance he will come by to visit. If you have equipped deadly poison, good for you. If not, get some blunt object and wait for your opportunity.

If you have the poison, walk to the back of the woman”s house and, in an opportune moment, poison the drink positioned in front of the seat facing towards the hill. At some point, The Maelstrom will arrive and sit down for a chat with the woman. Wait for the poison to do the deed or first knock out the woman and then The Maelstrom, snap his neck and leave.

HITMAN™ 2_20190407112735

Welcome to vibrant Mumbai!

3. How to identify The Maelstrom and complete Mission Four
From the starting point, head towards the plaza and look to your right. There is a big archway leading into some sort of living compound. Go inside and Diana will inform you that neighbors have been complaining about one of the tenants. Walk to the second floor and find a small green door that you can open freely (the rest of the doors are locked). You will find stairs to your right and hear someone muttering above. Sneak up the stairs and you will come across the Kashmirian, a local hitman. He has his sights set on one of your targets, Dawood Rangan, but his sniper rifle’s scope needs adjusting. Do that for him. All you need to do now is to get Dawood to move into the assassin’s line of sight.

Now for the fun part.

HITMAN™ 2_20190409210216

All you have to do is lure your targets into the second hitman’s sights and the Kashmirian will do the job for you. Brillant!

Head over to the tower where Dawood has made his home. Climb over the wall and sneak up into the mechanics’ workshop. Find a new disguise then walk up the stairs. Distract (use a coin) and knock out the guard on the next level and take his disguise. Walk into the painter’s studio and knock him and the guard out. Hide their bodies in the wardrobe and disguise yourself as the painter. Go fetch your model, Dawood Rangan, and start painting, waiting for the assassin to take the shot. I love how 47 drily thanks Dawood for his cooperation.

Disguise yourself as the guard again and, following a heads-up by Diana, locate the Kashmirian in his apartment, where he has apparently set his sights on your second target, Vanya Shah. All you need is to lure her onto a certain bridge.

HITMAN™ 2_20190409193211

To do that, you need a new disguise. This time, as the foreman. Find his office, knock him and the worker out and take his disguise. Follow the guard to the bridge and wait for Vanya to arrive. Let her talk her talk, she will be shut up permanently soon enough.

HITMAN™ 2_20190409220211

The self-proclaimed Queen of the Slums is about to fall…

Once she is down, leave and follow the Kashmirian to the Crow’s Nest, where he is to meet The Maelstrom. He will need some time to summon his courage and you need to take that opportunity to use a coin and a throwing object to knock him out in some dark corner and hide his body in a trash container. Take his disguise, lose any lethal objects and weapons and head into the lion’s den. A guard will lead you to The Maelstrom’s lair where you will be frisked again, so resist the urge to arm yourself again once inside the lair. Once in The Maelstrom’s presence, knock him out and snap his neck, then hide his body and leave.

And you are done!

I love this mission. And there are so many things I want to try… But that is for another day.

Next is Mission Five, Another Life.

See you then and keep on playing!