HITMAN 2, Mission Three, The Three-Headed Serpent

The third mission sees Agent 47 play tourist in some backwater village called Santa Fortuna, which is run by the Delgado cartel. His targets are drug lord Rico Delgado, his PR woman Andrea Martinez and their cook, Jorge Franco.

Now, while it is a fun map where you can explore a ton of things, it is not one of my favorites and I have yet to play it a couple more times to uncover all the opportunities. So I will offer you just one approach and one approach only to completing the entire mission and give you two ideas of how to off Rico Delgado.

HITMAN™ 2_20190407103412

Giving the cook a taste of his own medicine…

1. Get rid of Jorge Franco as the hippie
Starting at the bus stop, walk into the shop and find emetic rat poison, then head towards the center of the village where you will find a hostel. On the top level, two guys are talking. Once of them, a colorful hippie type, is wailing about some broken souvenir he has to deliver to the secret entrance to the cook’s lair, which is located behind the pharmacy. Opportunity revealed! Sneak through the window into the top-floor bedroom and use the radio to lure the hippie inside. Knock him out and take his disguise. You will need glue to repair the souvenir. The shop keeper will tell you that his last glue went to the mechanic. Knock him out and pick up the glue. There is a chance you will be spotted by a female witness, so wait for her to leave first. Go back to the hostel and repair the souvenir, lace it with emetic rat poison then lose your gun and every other lethal object, as you will be frisked. Head towards the entrance behind the pharmacy. Then follow the guard to Franco’s laboratory. wait for him, then place the souvenir on the designated plate for him to taste. Wait until he feels sick, follow him to where he is retching over an open shaft and push him. The cook is dead.

HITMAN™ 2_20190411225542

No shaman magic needed to conclude this one, just a cement mixer.

2. Get rid of Andrea Martinez as Taita the shaman
From the starting point at the bus stop, head across the bridge and you will presently come across two enforcer types. Hide on the other side of the road to listen to their conversation. Apparently, the workers have stopped working at a construction site because they found some bones and they want Taita to cleanse the site. Good to know! Head into the jungle and find Taita performing some ritual for some tourists. Wait until he leaves to find more plants and knock him out. Don’t be seen. Disguise yourself as the shaman and head back towards the street. The enforcers will direct you towad Martinez’ house in the center of the village. Pass through the gates and walk up to her office (you will not be frisked). Follow her to the construction site. Cleanse the site and wait for Martinez to make her speech. She will then get a tour of the site. That’s your chance. There is a cement mixer with its nozzle pointed at the site you just cleansed. Wait for Martinez to come around and stand in front of the nozzle, then use a coin to distract the worker standing beside it. Activate the cement mixer and it will do the deed for you. Martinez is no more.

HITMAN™ 2_20190411224139

3. Get rid of Rico Delgado either as the tattoo artist or by submarine
From the bus stop, find the stairs leading down to the river. You will hear a couple gushing over the presence of some famous tattoo artist who has seemingly come all the way to Santa Fortuna to put some ink on tattoo enthusiast Rico Delgado. The tattoo artist is hanging out at the bar. When you arrive, he will be on the phone standing next to a music box. Pick up a coin and start the music. He will conveniently head outside and to the side of the building, where you can use the cover of some shrubs to knock him out and take his disguise. Lose your gun and any other lethal object before you head to Rico’s villa. Once inside the compound, you will be greeted by Rico’s wife. Apparently, she is unhappy about the tattoo of her that Rico has added to his collection and she wants you to fix that. Inside Rico’s office you will find a tattoo chair and the tools to go with it. Rico will send first his wife then his nervous bodyguard away while you are already working on his neck. Once they are gone, kill Rico and hide his body in the room behind the office. Leave and you are done.

HITMAN™ 2_20190410201126
The second way to kill Rico Delgado that I found is to disguise yourself as engineer. The engineer was hurt during an accident while working on a secret project. You will find his house in the slum opposite the bar. There is an enforcer banging on his door. You have to enter from behind the building by climbing up to the engineer’s “balcony”. Knock him out, take his disguise and follow the enforcer to the bar. You will be given a key to open the basement door. Down there you will find another door and your way to where a submarine is being constructed. Find a screw driver ad fix/sabotage the thing, then wait for Rico to arrive. He will want you to rev up the engine which you will do, of course, while you wait fo the uninevitable to happen. Yep, that’s death by submarine for Rico Delgado.

Now, off to the fourth mission, Chasing a Ghost, which will bring 47 to the teeming city of Mumbai. This one is my absolute favorite map, btw.

See you later and keep on playing!