HITMAN 2, Mission Two, The Finish Line

I got to say: I really enjoy the new maps. Every one of them offers a different setting in a different location and a ton of possibilities. The second mission brings Agent 47 to Miami and into the colorful circuit of endurance racing.

His targets are Robert Knox, CEO of Kronstadt Industries, and his bad girl-prototype daughter Sierra, a hot-head and race driver.

The setting
The event is full of spectators, and offers a host of possible disguises, e.g. security guards, mechanics, drivers, medics and, not to forget, a flamingo mascot. There are restricted areas – you will need a disguise to get into, but more on that later. Also, the map cleverly uses the race course itself to separate certain events. Which means you will have to memorise different ways through different areas in order to get to your targets in time. I thought that pretty neat.

HITMAN™ 2_20190412193852

I have yet to complete all challenges in this mission…

Mission stories and a host of opportunities
There are mission stories you can follow and a lot of other challenges to accomplish. I am far from having done that, yet, but I can safely claim that Miami is one of my favorite maps in this game. So I will detail three ways to dealing with father and daughter Knox.

1. The military man and the mascot (accident kill and silent kill)
Once you arrive on the scene, turn left and take the underpass to get to the front of the convention center where an exhibition is being hosted. Walk towards the ocean front and Diana will alert you to the presence of one Ted Mendez, an officer type who is currently on the phone. Take a seat on the bench nearby and listen.

There is a small, fenced in area to your left which you can use to lure Mendez into a secluded spot and take his disguise. Thus outfitted, walk into the convention center and into the VIP area to the right. Don’t worry, you will not be frisked. Robert Knox will come to meet you and introduce you to an android soldier. After the demonstration, walk through the offices to find a portrait of Rober Knox. Go back and feed it to the android, activate it and it will correctly take out Knox for you. And that is the The New Army mission story completed.

HITMAN™ 2_20190331180316

Head outside (no one will bother you) and walk into the parking garage below the convention center. Head towards the back and on the right side of the complex you will find a man who has apparently knocked out the flamingo mascot to take his disguise. Unfortunately, he has lost his car keys in the scuffle and needs those to give Sierra Knox some incriminating evidence at a private meeting.

Walk up to the half-naked real mascot and pick up the keyes, then return to the faux flamingo guy, knock him out and hide him in a conveniently placed trash container behind you. Then take his disguise and walk around to the where you entered the parking garage. Use the key to locate the right car and take the documents.

Now make you way up to the event area and locate the motel where you are supposed to meet Sierra. Talk to the guard standing there and wait for Sierra. She will lead you behind the motel and it looks like she is meaning to kill the messenger, judging by the plastic sheet lying on the floor in front of the open back of a van and the lead pipe next to it. Well. Hand over the documents and Sierra will conveniently move in front of an open elevator shaft. Give her a nice shove and you are done. Second story mission complete.

2. Mechanics gone rogue (accident kills)
Start inside the event area at one of the food stalls. There is a disgruntled mechanic from Sierra’s team conveniently walking by and towards the toilets. Knock him out and take his disguise and keys. Use the keys to circumvent some people who would suspect you, if they spot you and go have a talk with Sierra’s head mechanic. She will direct you to your working station and all you have to do is find a pneumatic wrench to loosen some screws. Next time Sierra comes in to have her tires replaced, she will leave going up in flames.

HITMAN™ 2_20190408211458

Take your time to browse the workshop section to find the Kronstadt octane container. Then make your way behind the scenes toward the convention center. Next to the exhibition there is a toilet where you can find another mechanic outfit, this one meant for the staff assigned to the exhibition and Kronstadt’s fabled new prototype. Put it on and walk behind the scenes behind the prototype to pick up a screw driver. Use the screw driver to fiddle with the engine, then fill up the tank with the Kronstadt octane. Wait for Robert Knox to arrive. He will ask you repeatedly to rev up the engine. Do that a couple of times and the octane will literally blow Robert Knox away.

And you are done.

3. Bitter-sweet victory and a shark to die for
Start on the harbor front, where you will overhear the head mechanic worry about the poyrotechnics that will be used during the victory ceremony. That is Story Mission Number Three, bzw. Follow the pointers and get a mechanic’s disguise. Walk around in front of the structure and you will find a couple of gas valves you need to manipulate in order to sabotage the pyrotechnics. Find a wrench and do your thing. You need to fiddle with three valves in total, until all show red, then manipulate the safety valve. Now walk towards where a race marshall is observing the field. Knock him out and hide his body where you just came from, well out of sight.

HITMAN™ 2_20190331175237

Take his place and use the flag to disqualify Moses Lee, Sierra’s hottest rival. With the race over, she will make her way to the podium very slowly. She will briefly be joined by her father, then head up to the podium where she will go up in flames, unfortunately along with some innocent bystanders.

Robert Knox will have left the scene already. Follow him into the convention center and take the mechanic disguise mentioned above. Find the screw driver and manipulate the prototype’s engine. Wait for Robert Knox to arrive. Then head towards the sea life exhibition and activate the alarm. The target lockdown protocol will kick in and Robert Knox will seek refuge right underneath the shark hanging from the ceiling. Conceal yourself and use your silenced gun to shoot that thing down. Mission accomplished.

Now, off to the third mission, The Three-Headed Serpent, which will bring 47 to a backwater place in Colombia.

See you later and keep on playing!