Dishonored DLC – Dunwall City Trials

Can’t get enough of badass supernatural assassin Corvo Attano? Dunwall City Trials, part of the Dishonored Definitive Edition, has got you covered! Though, truth be told, these trials are set in the Void, not in Dunwall.

Honing your skills is fun!
Dunwall City Trials will see you compete in various tournaments. There are trials focusing on weapons and power, which will have you face growing waves of enemies in sometimes tight corners.

There is one trial that has you try and steal six valuable eggs as well as every other valuable item you can find in a two-storey mansion. Be discovered three times and it is Game Over!

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601102747

Party crasher! No, really, you have to be very stealthy to succeed in this trial…

My favorite trials are the ones where you have to sneak through a tightly guarded party and find clues to identify your victim and the ones where you have to massacre an ever growing number of victims to get to the next round in a usually far too short period of time and have to really plan ahead to do just that.

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601114732

It’s just so beautiful! Sometimes, I just walk around the scene and take everything in, before I strike and kill everyone I can get to in time…

It takes four to party!
During the trials, your set of skills will be limited to make things harder for you. In this trial, you have almost every skill at your disposal. Bend Time, Blink and Possession will come in handy.

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601105238

I just adore these morbid settings in Dishonored…

This trial is set inside a mansion very similar to the spectacular Boyle mansion from the main game. You may use chandeliers to hide, you can even hide behind curtains. Also, did I mention that I absolutely love the artwork of this franchise?

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601105022

Arrows indicate the clues. Find them and eliminate your target…

Your objective: find four clues without being detected by neither guests nor patrolling guards to identify your victim. Once all the clues are assembled, find and eliminate your target without alerting anyone, or said target will flee the scene and your are done.

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601104304

Elite guard dressed in a red uniform and wearing a helmet. Yep, that’s the one! Now I just have to find him without being spotted…

I have managed to find all the clues on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, I always ended up alerting my chosen victim before being able to get to them…. There is certainly room for improvement for me there.

Time is of the essence…
My second favorite trial is this sequence of brutal massacres. Each round will have Corvo break into a beautiful scene featuring Dunwall’s high and mighty, intent on killing a given number of people present. The first rounds are rather easy, all you have to do is break the glass to slow time then slash and shoot your way through the assembled guests. But the last one requires you to strategically use the environment to your advantage, be it loudspeakers or whale oil tanks.

Dishonored® Definitive Edition_20200601114920

So serene behind the glass…

See, time may slow the moment you begin the slaughter, allowing you to easily slice your way across the room. Once the time is up, though, any environmental trap you have used will be sprung and rain further devastation upon your victims, raising the death toll. That is the only way to survive this round and it was a hard-won victory for me.

What stealth games are you having fun with right now? I know which ones I will be trying next: Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II.

Until then, keep on playing!