GreedFall – The De Vespe Conspiracy (DLC)

The excellent DLC to Spider’s GreedFall dropped in June of 2021, but I only discovered and played it now. Actually, I started replaying GreedFall last year and I was not all that far along when I dove back in to have a go at the DLC. Now, this game has a few annoying gameplay features, among others the “chasing around the entire map for some tiresome side mission”.

Well. I won’t lie. The DLC will have you do that, too, but, contrary to other, comparable missions in the main game, you will be much more invested in those trips.

SPOILERS ahead for both the main story and the DLC.

What seems like a civil meeting soon turns into an assassination attempt.

A feud between families

So, the DLC will only become available once you have found out that you need a High King or High Queen to show the way to the sanctuary of the God With A Million Faces. Why? Because that island entity might be able to provide a cure for the Malichor, the deadly illness that is afflicting the various continental factions, but neither the sea-faring Nauts nor the Natives of Teer Fradee.

Now, the really frustrating thing for me was getting to that point at all, because I was just at the point where you either prevent the Coin Guards’ coup d’etat or not. I managed to prevent it the last two times, but this time, I failed to gain one of my comrade’s trust and that was – actually – extremely exciting! It also resulted in quite a few different outcomes of other, later missions, which is what I expect of a Spider game since having played The Technomancer. Well done!

Sir de Concillion serves as invaluable database again.

Back to the starting point of the DLC: When governor Constantin d’Orsay goes missing, in swoops Aurélia de Vespe, the favorite daughter of the powerful de Vespe family. Only the ruling d’Orsay stand between them and leadership of the Merchant Congregation.

De Sardet is warned by their advisors, Sir de Concillion and Madame de Moragne, beforehand. Thus warned, they pay a visit to de Vespe to investigate and are informed that the de Vespe and the d’Orsay families have decided to end the families’ power struggle by signing a marriage contract for Constantin and Aurélia. Which, to me, sounds pretty reasonable, right?

De Sardet and company are not welcome in Hikmet, despite having saved the Bridge Alliance’s governor in the attempted coup’detat…

Fall From Grace

But, de Vespe has other plans. She tries to have de Sardet and company killed while they are running an “errand” for her. She then quickly moves to discredit both Constantin d’Orsay and de Sardet when that assassination plot fails. Exciting!

I played alongside my lover Vasco and bestie Siora during the DLC and that went pretty well. Despite the fact that this meant having two mages (Siora and myself) and one rogue (Vasco) in the party (Kurt, you were dearly missed).

De Vespe really goes all in with her blackmailing..

While Aurélia always is a step ahead, de Sardet et al don’t let that discourage them. Since de Vespe has a contingency in place, in case the initial murder attempt failed, de Sardet and company have to immediately travel to Hikmet and San Matheus to recover some incriminating documents. While that seems to give them some breathing space, upon their return to New Serene they are faced with another surprise. Now, if you are asking yourselves, why de Sardet cannot deal with de Vespe more permanently… Well, her family is that powerful. So, the trio has to find proof to counter her efforts at discrediting Constantin and his fair cousin.

Of course, they manage in the end, thanks to the Nauts and the Natives. Also, a high level of Charisma helps immensely.

De Vespe will gather information on your companions that could be used to drive a wedge between you and them. Burning those documents in the end of the DLC will gain you points with them,

Location and Soundtrack

With the DLC you will discover a new region that ties in with the back story of de Sardet and the main game, which I thought a brillant idea. Also, you will be facing new beasts, although that was not really exciting.
The soundtrack was a pleasant surprise. Especially the new combat theme was highly appreciated.

GreedFall is an underrated game, much like The Technmancer. I very much hope that more people come to appreciate both games in the future.

Until then, keep on playing.