Are customizable characters a good thing?

So, Far Cry 5 is coming out and, contrary to previous entries of the series that all featured a preset protagonist, this time the playable character will be a customizable avatar. This made me think about character customization in general, and the ways it does or does not affect the game experience. So, let's say … Continue reading Are customizable characters a good thing?

12 months, 12 games

I started this blog in June last year and now that D-Day is coming (the release of Deus Ex- Mankind Divided, in case you were wondering) I thought this might be a good time for sharing a few insights. in numbers Ever since my first post, published on June 18th 2015, I managed to … Continue reading 12 months, 12 games

Far Cry Primal vs The Division

Ubisoft published The Division and Far Cry Primal pretty much the same week and since I could not decide, I started to play both at the same time. I expected Tom Clancy's The Division to be much like another Ubisoft title I played and enjoyed, which was Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell -The Blacklist, and yep, … Continue reading Far Cry Primal vs The Division