Dragon Age Inquisition – Building character Part 2

In the first part of Building character, a piece on the various classes offered by Dragon Age Inquisition, I detailed the different Inquisitors I built for the three difficulties Casual, Hard and Nightmare. You can read up on that here. On Casual, I was playing as a female Qunari THW warrior specializing as a Reaver. On Hard I played as a female human DW rogue with the Tempest specialization and on Nightmare as a female elven Rift Mage wielding the power of the Storm. This is the story of how I fared once things got really tricky.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20160114225059

Aaaand action! Things get heated in the Western Approach… Anyone else notice these glitches with poeple flying through the air? Well, I thought them hilarious.

1. Casual
Thanks to the rest of the party, mainly Blackwall, the entire game felt like a walk in the park. We hunted down all the dragons with exception of the Guardian of Mythal. And because I felt so great and unstoppable, I skipped Jaws of Hakkon and The Descdent and went right on to Trespasser and boy, what a mistake.

I think all three DLCs are pretty hard to beat, but the Qunari in Trespasser beat the crap out of my THW Inquisitor on a regular basis. She died and died and died. Which became extremely frustrating, even through it is my favourite DLC.

On the other hand, I enjoyed catching up with the gang at the Exalted Council and I thought it especially cute that, for the first time, my Inquisitor called Blackwall by his first name. I also liked their happy ending.

2. Hard
Well, I have played warriors wielding Shield and Sword as well as two-handed weapons, I was even an archer, which felt especially powerful once I had my custom-made bow. But the class I enjoy most is that of the dual-wield rogue. First: you do not need to take another rogue just for picking locks, which was a nightmare on my Nightmare run, since it meant two vulnerable classes in the party. Second: ranged attacks can be executed by the party’s mage while you concentrate on stealth and surprise attacks, which is a boon. Third: the dual-blade daggers are just so cool!

So on Hard I had equipped myself and the others with the best armor and weapons I could get and there was no enemy that could stand against us. That is, until we entered the Western Approach. Since I had picked the Templars as allies we had to fight Venatori spellbinders a lot and without a ranged attacker joining the party, beating them proved tricky indeed. Still, we persevered and while I had to do a lot of hunting and mining to continuously improve the party’s equipment, the rest of the game went pretty smoothly. I admit, though, that the final confrontation took some time.

While I like the warrior class, by the end of the game I had come to pretty much dislike my Inquisitor. There were some decisions that, to my mind, were in character for her, a hands-on, no-nonsense, pious human warrior. But after she conscipted Blackwall as punishment for his betrayal and when Solas became near inconsolable after she decided to fight the sentinel elves in the Temple of Mythal I really came to regret having chosen to play her that way. Which was the reason for my deleting that character once I had finished the main game.


Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20151227215420

My dual-wield rogue Inquisitor was not the nicest of people, so I deleted her, shortly after I finished the main game. This is one of the last missions I did in the Emerald Graves, where I found this creepy trophy wall.

3. Nightmare
In hindsight it might have been a mistake picking a mage Inquisitor for Nightmare. Just as on Hard I had to spend a lot of time gathering materials for crafting armor and weapons, which can become boring. Also, I chose the non-confrontational options were possible and, apart from the Abyssal High Dragon, avoided giant lizards. Which, this being Dragon Age, is not always an option. But, while being aware of that fact, I told myself that I had plenty of time left for improving my equipment and skills.

The turning point was the Temple of Mythal. I chose to take my three SnS warriors, Cassandra, Blackwall and Iron Bull, with Cassandra guarding my back. But for some reason I cannot explain she just kept dying and thus using up all our healing potions. I even tried giving her Blackwalls’s set of armor, but the result was the same. Since I knew that my resources at this point were not sufficient for crafting another, better set and I had had enough of hunting and mining, I decided to try and push on. Once we got to talk with Abelas I chose the pacifist option, not only because I wanted to avoid a fight, but also because I was an elf. During the fight with Samson my Inquisitor was knocked out numerous times  and my warrior companions, all of them on the last dredges of health themselves, had to finish him off without me.

Then I  chose to drink from the well myself, just to see how loverboy Solas would react once I got back home to Skyhold. Suffice to say, he was not amused. And my poor Inquisitor, after having succesfully avoided scary lizards all this time, had to go and confront the Guardian of Mythal.

While it is not the hardest to beat, I found the task truly impossible. So I, already thoroughly frustrated by the slow going of the Nightmare run, decided to go back to the save before the confrontation at the Shrine. Which, quite unexpectedly, set my party back to before “Here lies the abyss”… Frankly, I do not know when I will finish this run. If any of you has any advice on how to better my chances, I am grateful to hear it.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20151127223115

I simply could not resist taking that shot in Emprise de Lion of Solas wearing battle-mage armor with a wolf-skin collar, posing in front of that giant depiction of his alter ego. 

The perfect run
While I really enjoy being able to play my own gender in Dragon Age Inquisition I do not discriminate. I have played most classes in male versions too. And my favorite run to date was actually that of Mahanon, an elven SnS warrior with diplomatic skill and a gentle heart who even managed to persuade Leliana to not kill Sister Nathalie during her companion quest. That was a first and I felt very proud.

I also thought the romance between him and Dorian especially endearing. I had already loved Dorian as a companion character and since then he has become my favorite romance option, next to Blackwall.

Actually, I enjoyed the run so much that I returned to an earlier save after finishing Trespasser, to complete some side quest I had skipped. Know what? I think I’ll keep it.

So, how about you? Did you have a favorite run or one that was especially frustrating? If you want, comment below.


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