E3 2016 is coming up!

So, what are you all excited about? I know what I’d like to see: More of Deus Ex-Mankind Divided, of course. Have you paid a visit to Augware yet? I already thought the marketing campaign for Deus Ex-Human Revolution amazing, but this is something else! Watch the “Mechanical Apartheid”-clip, it explains the central conflict of the game in a both emotional and very, very disturbing way. In fact, it reminded me again of why I loved Deus Ex-Human Revolution so much. I mean, what is it with humanity that makes it so easy for us to reject and abandon people – even the ones we have loved, known, been loosely acquainted with –  when they change, for whatever reason, into someone society tells us is wrong? I remember Adam Jensen talking to Bret Radford during the sidequest called “Acquaintances Forgotten” and found myself getting increasingly annoyed by his calling Adam “robot”. Because, of course, Adam was still human, still a cop at heart, but people, even those he’d known before that thing he didn’t ask for happened, tended to see only the augs. So I am very much looking forward to how Deus Ex-Mankind Divided explores that conflict further.


Dishonored 2 is also one of my faves. One man’s – or woman’s – quest for vengeance, to avenge the wrongs done to him/her or his/her loved ones is a classic storyline. Often, they discover hidden talents, powerful allies or tools, which help them in their quest. The easiest and most awesome solution, is, of course, to give them superhuman powers, such as the Outsider grants to Corvo in Dishonored, just to see where that leads. I confess, I would have liked to explore that character’s history and motives a little further. Maybe Dishonored 2 will give me that chance. Also, I am looking forward to playing as Emily Kaldwin. l really loved her in Dishonored. That little girl was my emotional anchor in the chaos that I, or rather, Corvo Attano, had unleashed on the city of Dunwall. She gave a voice to my anxieties, since Corvo had no way to. Still, I’d appreciate it if she were actually capable of speech. Also, I am excited about learning new powers. And while it would seem that the beautiful yet creepy turn-of-the-century industrial city of Dunwall will not feature much in this sequel, the new location, Karnaca, looks just as good. Game Informer has an exclusive piece on the new gameplay.

Another game I’m really excited for is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. I saw the trailer and I simply loved it. Female heroine, cool combat – what more can a girl ask for? Then I read a bit more on the game and realized that its focus on Senua’s mental issues and the way that influences her view of the world around her could give a very interesting twist to the classic hero’s journey. Usually, video games depict people afflicted by mental illnesses as disturbing, aggressive, psychotic and, often, they are even a threat to the hero. I know I am always torn between pity and a sort of helplessness when confronted with mental illness. I am still horrified by the memory of trying to get my aunt to to recognize me and then realising the woman I had known for so long was, in some ways, no more. So it will be interesting to explore the world of Hellblade as a character afflicted by a mental illness. I am hoping this game will maybe help me overcome my unease and be more understanding and patient in this regard. Alas, I did not see the game in the confirmed-list on the E3-Website. I’ll still be keeping an eye out.

There are a few other upcoming games I’m interested in and maybe the E3-presentations will convince me of considering buying them. These are

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Looks cool, but somehow the entire setup just seems to illogical. I mean, what do these mechs run on? Solar power? Might be worth exploring.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
– Never having played Mass Effect, maybe this is a chance to acquaint myself with this franchise.

The Technomancer
– I should think one Cyberpunk game is enough for 2016, but this looks like Dragon Age Inquisition set in space and it could be fun.

What are your favorites?

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