12 months, 12 games

I started this blog in June last year and now that D-Day is coming (the release of Deus Ex- Mankind Divided, in case you were wondering) I thought this might be a good time for sharing a few insights. whatchaa.com in numbers Ever since my first post, published on June 18th 2015, I managed to … Continue reading 12 months, 12 games

The Technomancer – A Little Cyberpunk Love Story

You know I am desperately waiting for August to come when I can finally dive back into the Deus Ex-Universe. So, imagine my joy when, while browsing through the E3-coverage, I found The Technomancer, a Cyberpunk-RPG which I thought might get me into that specific Cyberpunk-mood. It does indeed. This game is set on Mars, … Continue reading The Technomancer – A Little Cyberpunk Love Story

The Technomancer – Companions, Classes and Combat

I likened The Technomancer to Dragon Age Inquisition, but the level design and overall look is actually more Deus Ex-Human Revolution. It's Cyberpunk, after all. But: you get companions. Spoilers ahead! Companions Companions offer advice, fight at your side and are potential love interests. All of them will offer companion quests that help advance your … Continue reading The Technomancer – Companions, Classes and Combat

E3 2016 is coming up!

So, what are you all excited about? I know what I'd like to see: More of Deus Ex-Mankind Divided, of course. Have you paid a visit to Augware yet? I already thought the marketing campaign for Deus Ex-Human Revolution amazing, but this is something else! Watch the "Mechanical Apartheid"-clip, it explains the central conflict of … Continue reading E3 2016 is coming up!