HITMAN: Patient Zero Campaign, Mission 1, The Source

HITMAN dropped its GOTY-edition along with a new campaign titled “Patient Zero”. It includes four new missions in familiar locations and some new disguises.


I can’t wait to play the missions disguised as a clown! The Raven Suit also looks pretty neat.

Not having played this game in quite a while, I ran into loads of trouble reaquainting myself with the controls. I nevertheless finished the campaign in a couple of hours and here is how. This is by no means complete, challenge-wise, and I will certainly be playing the four missions some more.

Let’s start.

Mission 1, The Source
The campaign kicks off in Bangkok at the luxury hotel first encountered during the Club 27-mission of Season One, where a doomsday cult has taken up residence and Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating its leader, Oybek Nabazov, along with his second, Sister Yulduz.

As always, there are multiple ways to eliminate the targets and stealth is paramount, as well as keeping it clean, meaning no collateral damage. I actually managed to achieve the first, unfortunately, not the latter.

This is how I beat this mission.


The homicial Mr. Rieper is back in Bangkok… Did you miss me?

1. Check in
Once you arrive, check into your room. That’s not obligatory, but I thought it fascinating that, having just received the key card to his room, everyone on the staff was addressing 47 as Mr. Rieper.


This is one peculiar exhibition. Don’t pick up that knife unless you are disguised as a bodyguard, though!

Anyway, go up to the floor opposite of the one previously occupied by the late Jordan Cross and his posse, where the doomsday cult is holding an exhibition. Walk across the exhibition room and step into the bathroom in the far right corner. There’s a couple in there, arguing, and a bottle of lethal pills you can pocket, if you wish to poison one of the targets. I chose a different approach.

2. Getting into character
The couple are both cultists, but the guy wants to get out. Once he leaves the bathroom, follow him to his suite and get his cultist outfit to disguise yourself. Thus outfitted, you are good to go to return to the exhibition and get up to the uppermost floor with the stone garden, where the cult’s initiates have assembled, awaiting their master. Beware, though, you cannot enter the stone garden carrying offensive objects. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Now it’s time to change into your second and last disguise, that of a cult bodyguard. There is one stationed on the left of the entrance to the stone garden. Directly opposite is a suite you are not supposed to enter. Enter it anyway and the guard will follow you. Cross the bathroom and then pretend to follow his instructions before knocking him out, then hide his body in the closet next door and change into his uniform.

3. Eliminate Sister Yulduz
As a bodyguard, you can enter the exhibition and take one of the knives on display (I chose the Amputation Knife) to get the Weapon of Choice-achievement. Sister Yulduz will, at one point, walk into the office on the other side of the exhibition hall, across from the bathroom. Sneak in there (you will be trespassing) and hide. Wait until she walks in and the door has closed behind her, then melee kill her with the knife.


And it was an unnoticed kill.

Another way to kill her would be to turn off the sound system in the exhibition hall (found in the same section where the bathroom is) to lure a bodyguard away from his post beside a glass of red wine Yulduz will occassionally be sipping from, then cross the room and poison the drink with the pills you picked up earlier. Best disguise yourself as a waiter when attempting that, though.

4. Kill Oybek Nabazov
Nabazov performs a little trick up in the stone garden and that trick involves fire. Before he does that, he prepares in that little area the bodyguard you took out watched over. There is a bowl of anti-flammable liquid or something that you can sabotage by adding highly flammable vodka. The vodka can be found in the restaurant’s show kitchen. Steal it and go back upstairs, add the vodka to said bowl and wait until Nabazov sets himself on fire.


Sneak in, get out, and don’t forget the vodka. Dressed as a waiter you won’t have to sneak.

If you feel lazy and don’t want to get the vodka, just hide behind the statue in that little area, wait for Oybek to arrive and turn his back on you then either shoot/strangle or inject him with deadly poison (along with poisoning Sister Yulduz the latter would gain you the Purgatory achievement) before dumping his body in a conveniently placed dumpster situated to the right, next to the windows.


A pretty horrible death, actually, but really, it’s his own fault, playing with fire like that, right?

And you’re done.

Now, in the meantime I managed another nice achievement, which is the Suit Only-Achievement. Here’s how to get that one (no planning needed, your default arsenal will suffice):

  1. Check in to get your room’s key card, and thus a safe place to hide, then go upstairs to the exhibition. Head for the bathroom mentioned above, don’t mind the couple in the midst of splitting up and snatch the deadly pills.
  2. Wait for an opportune moment to turn off the sound system located in that same section. Then, wait for the bodyguard guarding the entrance on the other side of the exhibition hall to head there and sneak past him and his friend to get into the office opposite from the bathroom mentioned before.
  3. Wait (very patiently) for Sister Yulduz to come into the office and silently take her out. Hide her body behind the desk. Check Target One. Now, there is a bodyguard standing right in front of that door that would be so convenient for you to sneak out of the office. Actually, he’ll leave his post at some point. When he does, you leave too.
  4. Well, actually, the other guests will then notice Yulduz’s body, which will alert the guards in that same section of the floor, enableing you to get into that guarded area via the foyer unhindered and poison the glass of red wine on that small table next to the stairs that Oybek Nabazow sips from before heading up to the stone garden.
  5. Next, head back downstairs to your room and wait. Oybek is not really fazed by his second’s death and will soon return to his normal routine, including a sip from the now poisoned wine. Once he’s down, leave and you’re done.

As mentioned, there are many more ways to take both targets out, but next I will be taking you through the second mission, The Author, set in Sapienza.


Mission accomplished. Time to relax before getting on to my next mission.

Have you played the campaign yet? If so, which one was your favorite mission? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “HITMAN: Patient Zero Campaign, Mission 1, The Source

  1. Ward says:

    thanks for your help! I am new to this and not doing too well blasting my way thru! I will try these. ! cant wait to read more of your stuff!

  2. 47 says:

    I shut the exhibition off (laptop at bottom of stairs), went up the stairs and shot them, ran out of the building. Targets down, mission accomplished. Lol!

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