My First Foray into Virtual Reality (PSVR)

I am, actually, one of those people who don’t quite understand the 3D-movie-hype. Because, you need to understand that, instead of experiencing awesome effects, all I see are colorful yet blurry lines. And, therefore, even though I thought the idea of taking on Virtual Reality on my PS4 fascinating, I was reluctant to try it.

As it turns out, PSVR works just fine for me.

The equipment
So, I bought a PSVR bundle, which includes a VR headset, a PS camera and a fool-proof instruction manual for setting everything up with the PS4. If you need further instructions, I recommend the step-by-step tutorial by IGN.

As you may have noticed, I was initially missing two components that make a lot of sense and even more fun when using PSVR: Move Motion Controllers. Actually, though, I was too stupid to set those up at first, because, you see, they need to connect to the PS4 via USB ports and the console has only two, one of which is needed for the VR headset. In the end, I realised the solution to my dilemma was a very simple one: I charged one of the controllers fully (just connect to the PS4 via USB port) then unplugged it, plugged in the other one and voila, I had one port for the controller and the other for the VR headset. Easy, right? Once fully charged, you can use both controllers without connecting them to the USB ports, of course.


This is the mess my PSVR gear made of my tv/console cabinet, but notice the matching white and black ensemble. Awesome, right? And no, SAMSUNG isn’t paying me for this.

Handle with care
The first time I tried PSVR in a showroom at a local electronics store, the game demo on display was EVE:Valkyrie, a space adventure and therefore a game that requires the pilot (player) to maneuver in space, which means accelerating, diving, rolling and other nauseating stuff that felt especially awful in Virtual Reality.

Motion sickness is still a problem for me, but it’s been just a week since I bought the set and I try to limit myself to putting on the VR headset for a maximum of 10 minutes straight, then I need to turn it off.  I am sure I will eventually get there and be able to play a little while longer.

Speaking of playing, let’s get to the games.

PlayStation® VR WORLDS_20171129191132

The joy and glory of the VR experience await as you enter the impressive and awe-inspiring PlayStation VR Worlds lobby.

The joy and glory of VR games
Right now, the number of VR games on offer for PS4 is not that great, but then, the VR experiences are more appealing to me anyway. There is one I really need to get, which is the Eagle Flight VR by Ubisoft. I always loved when I was flying in my dreams, which hasn’t happened in a long time now. (I am sure that there is some interpretation or other for that, but do I care? Not really.) So, maybe for Christmas? We shall see.

For the time being I am exploring PlayStation VR Worlds to get accustomed to the headset and everything. There are five games in total included in this – in my case – one BlueRay Disc:

Ocean Descent: Which is an adventure taking you into the marine deep that I find especially fascinating.
The London Heist: I played this one using the move motion controllers and that is just so much fun!
Scavenger’s Odyssey: Intriguing, but the zero gravity simulations cause motion sickness, at least in my case.
VR Luge: Which I have yet to play.
Danger Ball: Which I have also yet to play.

PlayStation® VR WORLDS_20171130215834

The move motion controllers turn into disembodied hands in The London Heist and I used them as I would in real life, gesturing emphatically or waving my buddies goodbye…

The Verdict
I still very much enjoy playing regular games on my PS4, of course, but I must admit, Virtual Reality is something else entirely. And I am looking forward to exploring more of it. I’ll keep you posted and am eager to learn of your experiences. Let me know in the comments, if you like.

Keep on playing!




4 thoughts on “My First Foray into Virtual Reality (PSVR)

  1. suburbantimewaster says:

    I have motion sickness problems myself and I’ve recently learned to never play VR right after you eat. However, I do enjoy the experience and, as a huge fan of sea life, I loved Ocean Descent and seeing a Great White Shark.

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