Detroit: Become Human – Will I be able to save them all?

Okay, so Detroit: Become Human takes your choices seriously. “How far will you go?” pretty much sums up the player’s objective in this game. Will I manage to get all three protagonists to the very end? Or will I have to sacrifice one or more of them for the cause?

This post will detail three playthroughs, which means there will absolutely be MAJOR SPOILERS, so, in case you haven’t yet finished the game and don’t want to spoil yourself, quit now.

I have finished this game five times now, four times with Markus’ choosing the pacifistic approach and Connor turning either deviant or remaining a machine, and one time where Markus chose the violent, aggressive approach and Connor chose to remain a machine.

This is how I fared.


The starting point (pacifistic)
So, I started the first three playthroughs with a given setup: Markus was shot by the police, who mistook him for the intruder into Carl’s house, Kara killed Todd in order to protect Alice and Connor was killed on the rooftop, although he managed to save the girl and the police officer.

The first two playthroughs will start at the Crossroads-chapter and this is the setup:

As mentioned, Connor was shot and came back from the dead to pester Lieutenant Hank Anderson and quickly turned their relationship hostile by staying true to his programming, while Markus was shot by the police and Kara killed Todd then fled with Alice. Also, Kara managed to draw Luther on her side and they are now travelling together.

Detroit: Become Human™_20180527092146

Markus will lead a peaceful protest through the streets of Detroit. If you choose to attack police sent to apprehend them, be sure not to pull the trigger in order to continue with Markus’ story.

Playthrough Number One – A Bad Ending
Markus has found Jericho and will lead a peaceful revolution. This means losing Simon in the broadcast tower but gaining Josh’s trust and North’s love (yes, she became Markus’s love interest in this playthrough). During the march he will step forward to sacrifice himself but be saved by one of the androids he chose to take along at the warehouse. The public opinion will tether towards supporting the androids.

Detroit: Become Human™_20180527111043

With both Markus and North killed, deviant Connor is promoted to leader.

Connor decides not to shoot the Chloe-android and therefore reveals himself to be a deviant. The FBI has taken over the investigation and Hank quits the force, but Connor manages to extract Jericho’s location from the captured Simon by imitating Markus’s voice. (Hank’s password is the one involving cussing, btw). If Simon survived and Connor neutralized the deviant broadcast operator, the same trick will work on him, too.

Meanwhile, Amanda, representing CyberLife, tasks Connor with bringing Markus in alive.

Kara, Alice and Luther have made it to Jericho, where Kara has to finally face the fact that Alice is just like them, an android. She asks Markus for help and he has someone draw up passports for them to catch the bus across the border.

Connor sneaks into Jericho and confronts Markus, who manages to convert him. Connor is now a deviant, too.

During the attack on Jericho conducted by the FBI, Markus fails to defeat the soldiers in the hold and is killed. (If he survives, he will be able to decide to help North and if he manages, Connor will protect both of them. I have not yet managed to prevent Connor from dying in the process, though.)

Kara leaves Luther behind to also be killed and then is captured, alongside Alice, to be taken to a camp for destruction.

With Markus gone, North and Connor hatch a plan, with North set on attacking the camp and Connor destined to infiltrate CyberLife to convert the androids stored there.

While deviant Connor goes into full (and pretty awesome) terminator-mode and is (briefly) stopped by another Connor sent to eliminate him, North and Josh attack the camp and both fall.

Inside the camp, Kara decides to leave Alice behind in order to play dead and survive.

Connor, who raised the army that defeated the human armed forces in Detroit and as the last survivor of the androids’ lead team, is tasked with delivering a speech to the new people.

While the president acknowledges that the time may have come to recognize the androids as a species, CyberLife takes control of Connor, revealing that the entire revolution has been a setup all along.

Connor manages to cut himself loose in time, but decides to end his own existence in order to prevent CyberLife from taking over again.

The last scenes are of Connor putting a gun to his throat and Kara awakening in a junkyard, all alone, calling for Alice.

Detroit: Become Human™_20180531074338

Machine Connor is set to kill Markus but in the end decides to spare him.

Playthrough Number Two – A Better Ending
Again, we start at Crossroads and Connor being tasked with bringing Markus in alive.

Kara, Alice and Luther have made it to Jericho, where Kara has to finally face the fact that Alice is just like them, an android. She asks Markus for help and he has someone draw up passports for them.

Connor sneaks into Jericho and confronts Markus, who fails to convert him. Connor decides to remain a machine and is killed by Markus. Markus also manages to save North.

Kara decides to save Luther but is forced to leave him behind to manage by himself. She and Alice play dead to escape Jericho.

Markus decides to conduct a peaceful march upon the Detroit android camp. Since the media is covering their approach and the public opinion is in their favor, they are able to set up a camp.

Meanwhile, Kara and Alice are apprehended while trying to get on the last bus to the border, after just having witnessed Luther’s death.

The new Connor, who is still on a mission to stop Markus, prepares to snipe the android leader but is apprehended by the task force he worked with on the hostage situation. He can either try to follow through or surrender. I chose to surrender and, instead of fighting, ended this Connor’s existence.

In the meantime Markus, who has kept the protest peaceful so far, meets with the FBI agent in charge and decides not to surrender even if that means death for all of them. If you chose to surrender I assume it was for the same reason I did, simply to confirm that Perkins would betray their trust, which is a given, considering Perkins’ introduction. In this game, no character will surprise you in any way, be it good or bad. What you see is what you get.

Inside the camp, Kara sacrifices the Jerrys to escape but fails to defend Alice and is shot alongside the girl.

The android camp is stormed and Markus fails to save North. He and a handful of survivors face a firing squad but turn the situation around by forming a chorus line and proceeding to sing alongside Markus. The public opinion now fully turns in their favor and the president intervenes.

She is ready to acknowledge the androids as a new species, but when Markus gives his speech Connor is there, in the crowd, ready to assassinate him.

If you choose not to shoot, this Connor will be deemed deviant and CyberLife will take over. You can find your way out in time and prevent Connor from shooting Markus and all will be well.

Except for Kara, Alice and Luther, that is.

Detroit: Become Human™_20180602195002

Violence. The easy way out? Not bloody likely.

Playthrough Number Three – I don’t know what to say
So, for my latest playthrough I decided to start with Markus first making his way into Jericho and choosing an overall aggressive and violent approach. Simon was saved in the broadcasting tower, but people were killed.

Also, I decided to have Connor win Hank’s trust, even becoming his friend. But then I decided to shoot the Chloe-android and then asked about rA9 instead of Jericho. In response to that, the Connor-series was – not surprisingly, since he failed in finding Jericho – discontinued and there was no attack on the freighter.

Kara, Alice and Luther left for the bus stop and Kara kept everything under control by, again, sacrificing the Jerrys and preventing Luther from doing anything violent then stealing the tickets from a young family in order to reach Canada.

Meanwhile, the androids under Markus’ lead decided to attack the camps. I sacrificed both Josh and North to succeed, but I did it in the end.

Unfortunately, on the border I had no choice but to sacrifice Kara’s life in order to save that of Alice and Luther. I could have sacrificed Luther, but, having played as Kara, what would have been the point? She is the one determined to save the girl, so she should be the one to pay the price.

So the last scenes were of Markus, victorious, and of Luther and Alice, in Canada, preparing for their new life.

Playthrough Number Four – The best ending
Now, to achieve the best ending so far, I went back a bit, to the Public Enemy-chapter. At that point, Connor’s relationship with Hank was pretty good. As Connor, I set to investigating the broadcast station and interrogated the three android operators. Upon identifying the deviant Connor is attacked but is able to free himself. In dealing with the fleeing deviant he has three choices: save Hank and get shot, charge the deviant or pull a gun from one of the FBI goon’s holster and take out the deviant before it can cause a massacre. I chose the third option and Hank became Connor’s friend. Alas, you will still have to have Connor kill the Chloe-model in order to extract the location of Jericho from Kamski.

In Jericho, I finally managed to get everyone out alive, even Connor, who I chose to spare as Markus during Night of the Soul. While Connor set out toward CyberLife, Markus and the rest marched in protest and lo and behold I even managed to save everyone of the team during the FBI attack.

Happy ending, right?

Oh, wait. What about Kara, Alice and Luther? Well, they got caught when Kara tried to knock out the guard standing watch over Luther. All three are shipped to the camp, but while I had to sacrifice the Jerrys again, this time I fought the guard and defeated him, leading to all three of the androids hiding amongst the rubbish until everything blows over.

During Markus’ little speech CyberLife again tried to take over Connor, but I again managed to get him through the backdoor of the garden and therefore everything was well.

So many options left!

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